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Anteil (and KiiX) has been providing consulting & digital telephony solutions to a variety of customers around the globe. Recent projects include:

Optimera, Inc. – A company located in Dutch Harbor Alaska, providing dial-tone services to fisherman on boats and in fish processing plants in the North Pacific Ocean.

The challenge – to provide reliable, digital, voice service through a satellite, a ground station, and a Wi-Fi radio link from ship to shore, in one of the harshest climates in the world.

Frost & Sullivan – A company located in San Antonio Texas, wanting to dive into VOIP technology.

The challenge – to provide a pass-through interface to allow the Asterisktm Software PBX system to interface with their Meridian 11 phone system.

Geneva Global, Inc – A company located near Philadelphia, PA, specializing in managing Philanthropy projects throughout the world.

The challenge – to provide a seamless VOIP network from Washington, to London, and to various points in Africa to allow their offices to communicate more easily and more cost effectively than before.

National Acceptance Company – A company in Central Pennsylvania dedicated to collecting and managing membership dues for organizations nationwide.

The challenge – to provide a new digital VOIP phone system, expanding the number of simultaneous inbound and outbound channels, to keep up with an increasing amount of customer voice traffic. Simultaneously reducing their overall telecommunication costs.

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La-Z-Boy Learns the Easy Way

Every night, the managers of twenty different La-Z-Boy locations had to fax their information to the main office before they could head home. To most this might not sound like a tedious task. However, when twenty people are all trying to one fax machine at the same time, problems can occur. On any given night, the first person done with paperwork was the lucky one - out the door at a reasonable time. The rest got a busy signal as they tried sending their work in.

That's when KiiX came along. With KiiX, a VoIP service, they no longer ran into the "the line is busy" problem. Instead, all twenty of their calls could be taken simutaneously, then stored into the computer, ready to be pulled up the following day. Just like that. And they're done. No more waiting in line to be the 'lucky one' that night.

Geneva Global

Geneva Global is a performance philanthropy organization which brokers contributions to local, grass-roots organizations working in the developing world on changing lives effected by issues such as HIV/AIDS, human trafficking, and lack of safe water. They currently have dozens of projects and offices set up throughout the world. This also means they have to make costly international calls on a daily basis.

KiiX stepped in and set Geveva Global up with hardware, software, and their phone service. With the help of KiiX, these international call charges have dropped drastically in cost, saving them more than $100,000 in 2007. Geneva Global may have dozens of offices across the globe, but it is like they are all rolled into one with KiiX!

Fishing Fiasco

Imagine working on a fishing boat. Now imagine that fishing boat leaves for the artic waters of Alaska for months at a time. Many men and women call this their job. Being gone for that long means that they have very little contact with their loved ones. The ships do dock, allowing them a chance to use one of two payphones. However, when dozens of people are all lined up at the same time, you can expect to be there for a while.

KiiX, along with a company called Optimera, took this problem under their wing. They have provided the use of over a dozen phones to these men and women through a wireless ship-land connection. Using calling cards, these workers have the opportunity to stay in touch with their family and friends without setting foot off the ship.

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