KiiX Services

KiiX specializes in the development, deployment, and maintenance of digital telephony products and services:

Planning & Consulting
KiiX can provide services to help you design your phone system upgrade. From integration of existing systems to full digital replacement, we can guide you through the optimal marriage of digital and analog voice technologies.
Hardware & Software
We will work with you to specify and/or aquire the necessary hardware and software components to implement your digital telephony solutions.
Network Telecommunication Services
We can provide you with advanced digital circuits, such as T1 and ISDN-PRI to complement your network infrastructure.
Digital Voice (VOIP) Origination & Termination
We operate a network of multiple VOIP carriers for reliability, redundancy, and best cost, providing you with low-cost digital call services from and to anywhere in the world.
We will help you integrate your digital telephony solution with your existing IT infrastructure.
We will assist in providing you with a solution, tailored to meet your specific needs.
Maintenance & Support
We've been providing maintenance and support services remotely for over 20 years. Our first and foremost goal is to implement a system that needs little or no ongoing support. However, when the need arises, you can be sure we'll be there to help, via the Internet, a VPN for maintenance, and if necessary, in person.
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