Poison Reverse Computing Solutions, Inc. (PRCS) is committed to meeting both the needs of small-to-medium sized businesses, as well as the needs of the home-user. While many of the needs are similar, each of these unique user groups has specific requirements in order to function. PRCS will evaluate the needs of the users and help develop a plan for which the user will benefit.

PRCS will function not only as a prime contractor but as a subcontractor on projects of all sizes – from the home-user to large scale commercial projects by providing network system and design services, computer sales, repair - refurbishment, end-user training, system installation and upgrades as well as support with a highly skilled and disciplined workforce. PRCS is made up of an extremely well-educated team of veterans whose goal is to fulfill its customer's needs in a timely and professional manner with the “put service to others before self” mentality.

PRCS was created by United States Air Force Master Sergeant (Retired), Kevin M. Collins, and is a “Hire Vets First” company with a focus on utilizing the vocationally rehabilitated veteran or “wounded warrior” who is qualified and skilled to operate in the ever-changing and challenging world of information technology and computer networking.


Whether you are searching for an effective way to share data, an automated way to complete tasks, an affordable way to increase efficiency, or an alternative way to sell your products, the right innovation can help you achieve your objectives. But given today's limited resources, companies often struggle to do so. At Si'Quent, we provide our clients a customized solution to offer your business a new way to:

  • Integrate internal and external communications
  • Automate repetitive tasks
  • Eliminate tasks and increase skills
  • Gather customer and employee feedback and input

We collaborate with our clients not only by offering our know-how in operations, we connect our clients with an innovation network of alliances. With Si'Quent you can build without shifting your focus away from your core business through our services.
  • Infrastructure analysis, planning and design
  • Web-based cost-saving and efficiency tools
  • Management of business development and improvement processes