Open Source Solutions

Cost Savings


Remarkable advances in technology continue to make computers smaller, cheaper, and more powerful.

Sixty years ago, ENIAC, the first general-purpose electronic computer weighed 27 tons and cost the equivalent of $4,000,000.

The iPod shuffle™ is several thousand times more powerful, has one million times the storage capacity, and you can wear one today for less than $100.


A similar revolution is taking place in computer software. The Internet has virtually eliminated the cost of software distribution and promotes world-wide collaboration of software development and testing. The Open Source philosophy drives thousands of software projects, including operating systems, software development tools, languages, web servers, database servers, search engines, VOIP, network security solutions, office applications, and multi-media design tools, mostly free for the asking.

If you use the Internet, you are using Open Source Software. Companies like Google and are extremely successful in leveraging the power of Open Source, building successful business applications without the expense of software licensing fees. These companies, and thousands more, pay only for the services they need to complement their internal resources.

Anteil, Inc. has been working with the technology that drives the Internet for over 25 years and is proud to offer a full range of IT services to help you leverage the power of the Internet and Open Source Software to achieve your goals, reduce your operating costs, and gain visibility and control of your digital communications. Please give us a call at (717) 671-1141 for a no-cost, professional evaluation of your technology plans.

J Capp
James Capp
President & CEO
Anteil, Inc.