Web Design

Web Design

The purpose behind web design is to tell a message; however, there is more to the message than words and pictures. The design of your website should be as individual as your company, since it is often your company's first impression. Anteil works with you to get your message across, and do so in a way that reflects the individuality and personality of your business.

Anteil Client Examples

Here are a few examples of the businesses and organizations whose websites were designed and/or constructed by Anteil.

  • Bordered theme, reminiscent of a picture frame
  • Fixed width, Single column with left sidebar for menus, images, etc.

  • Clean, bordered theme, all areas separated by individual frames
  • Fixed width, two-column, shopping cart

Keystone Boy Scouts of America
  • Borderless white theme, pervasive content on page bottoms
  • Fixed width, two-column, event calendar

Keystone NAVHDA
  • White theme, layout converted from original site
  • Fixed width, single-sidebar theme

Boys and Girls Club of Central Pa
  • Theme designed to be similar to National website
  • Variable width, single sidebar theme, event calendar

  • Clean, white theme with red highlights; minimal images
  • Fixed width, single column theme

anteil screenshot 1Anteil
  • Bordered theme, clean lines
  • Fixed width, Single column with overlapping menu

Other Theme Examples

  • Dark theme, requires bright home image, very bold look
  • Multiple columns, fixed width

Simple Green
  • Large home image, light colored, clean look
  • Multiple columns, fixed width

  • Sophisticated feel, light colored, image can rotate through multiple selections
  • Multiple columns, fixed width

  • Very clean layout, light color scheme
  • Multiple columns, fixed width

  • Bold look, dark color scheme, distinctive sidebar coloring
  • Multiple columns, fixed width

Cup of Coffee
  • Dark/Light color scheme, logo within home image
  • Multiple columns, fixed width

  • Black theme, bold look, borderless content areas
  • Multiple columns, fixed width

  • Large home image/logo, white background
  • Multiple columns, fixed width