Anteil's 25th Anniversary

News Date: 
December 2008
News Location: 
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Anteil, Inc. is pleased to announce the celebration of their 25th Anniversary. It’s not every day that an organization gets to celebrate 25 years in operation, especially in the rapidly changing industry of computer technology.

In this sea of change, Anteil, Inc. has achieved its enduring success by focusing on the needs of our clients, helping them achieve their organizational goals and making sure our solutions will work reliably well into the future.

Anteil, Inc. would like to thank everyone for the opportunities they have given, and look forward to working to solve the problems of the next quarter century!

Headquartered in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Anteil provides complete IT services, including web design, database development, custom programming, training, and support for companies of all sizes. For more information about Anteil, please visit