Voice over IP VoIP

Voice over IP:
Total Connections,
Total Savings
  • Connect your staff and remote facilities better with site-to-site VoIP trunks
  • Reduce your per-minute costs with VoIP phone service

Award-Winning Features, Entry Level Prices
  • Access to voicemail via e-mail or the web
  • Local conference bridge
  • Easy-to-configure findme/followme feature
  • Simple call recordings

Reliable Platform, Unprecedented Flexibility
  • Integrating asterisk with existing systems to expand one site, or bridge with multiple sites
  • Bridge existing sites using existing PBXs
  • Bridge various technologies, including but not limited to ISDN-PRI, Channelized T1/E1, POTS, VoIP
Featuring products & solutions from:
Digium Polycom

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