News Date: 
January 2009
News Location: 
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
La-Z-Boy Recliner We've recently completed a multi-million dollar software project for La-Z-Boy Chair Company, creating a centralized Point-of-Sale and Inventory Control system to manage their company-owned stores and warehouses throughout the country.

Prior to the “RMS” system developed by Anteil, La-Z-Boy was maintaining a variety of systems, each

with its own unique requirements for financial reporting, causing duplication of effort, and creating large amounts of reconciliation work for their accounting department.

The system, developed entirely with open source software tools and technologies, allows La-Z-Boy to streamline its financial reporting processes and minimize the amount of inventory needed to service its retail stores. By using open source software, Anteil was able to save La-Z-Boy hundreds of thousands of dollars in licensing costs, and provide a level of reliability equal to their mainframe systems.