Techincal Information

Anteil CRM Technical Information

The heart of open-source CRM software from Anteil is a set of database tables designed to capture and manage relationships. An object-oriented approach to table design has resulted in a small set of universally applicable containers, such as people, organizations, opportunities and events. A three-layer architecture provides flexibility to adapt to differing organizations' computing environments, business logic and presentation. The applications are purely Web-based, making it possible to deploy in any intranet or Internet environment.

The relational structure is insulated from the database storage product through an abstraction layer. This permits the flexibility to use a variety of relational database management systems using the same code base. Also, the abstraction layer provides near-instantaneous transaction level data replication to multiple servers distributed in a wide-area-network (WAN) or in a local cluster of servers.

The business logic is implemented primarily PHP, but nearly any language may be incorporated through the Common Gateway Interface (CGI). Application Programming Interfaces exist for C/C++, PHP and the UNIX programming environment

The presentation layer is HTML/XML, using JavaScript for validation and navigation where browser compatibility is ensured.

The system platform is comprised of the Linux O/S and the Apache Web Server, the most popular Web server on the Internet.