Anteil CRM Benefits

Anteil offers open-source CRM software solutions designed to help you better identify, attract, retain, service and support customers--ultimately increasing your competitive position and profitability. Employing full Web architecture, this open-source solution is available at no cost and is a fast and easy way for your company to implement a basic CRM application. At the same time, it gives programmers a head start in developing a more customized solution.

  • Internet Architecture.
    The same technology that fuels the Internet fuels the open-source CRM software. Using full Web architecture, it consists of three layers: a presentation layer, a business logic layer, and a modular database interface layer.
  • Browser-based Interface.
    Open-source CRM software is accessible through any Internet browser, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape, so it's easy to use with little or no training. It is quickly and widely accepted by Internet novices and experts alike.
  • Quick Implementation.
    The open-source CRM software can be downloaded quickly and easily from a CD-ROM or from It comes complete with the application modules, a tutorial, and all source code. As a result, you'll become productive in no time.
  • Instant Data Replication.
    The open-source CRM software enables instant global replication, allowing you to work in real-time and access the most up-to-date data--anytime, anywhere.
  • Completely Customizable.
    Because the source code is freely available, every aspect of the software can be customized by your staff. If you prefer, our experienced professionals are available to customize the software to best suit your unique business needs.
  • Fully Integratable.
    The very nature of open-source allows faster and easier integration of this CRM application with a variety of data sources and legacy systems.
  • Scalable.
    The software's Web-based architecture, together with its ability to instantly replicate data, means your application grows with your company. You can easily add users, features and functions as your needs change.
  • Security Layer.
    Sophisticated multilevel security is provided, allowing you to protect both data and accessibility.